Kirsty Wiscombe

Another of our clients has been kind enough to produce a testimonial for our service, Simon and the team have, again, been an integral part of making sure Kirsty's horses are tip top. Read more...


Katie Paul

When we first bought Astra we knew her feet were not exactly what you would want from an event horse, they were flaky, soft shelled, prone to losing shoes and half the foot with it and abscesses if it got too muddy. So we knew they would need some serious management if I was going to be able to regularly compete her on the BE u18 Novice circuit. Read more...


Helen Goff

Sula was diagnosed with navicular bone changes in 2005, when she was 13. Initially she came sound and was fine but in early 2006 she went lame again and following advice from Chris Johansson at Western Counties Equine Vets, Simon took a look at her and her x rays. Read more...

Sue Edwards and George

Sue Edwards

Simon is very knowledgeable and able to make sensible suggestions for different problems my horses have had but he has always balanced this with appropriate treatments and not gone overboard when it isn't necessary.

Nicole Windley

Nicole Windley

Simon is the only farrier I will trust with my horses - and I've tried a few!

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